Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Larry Flint and the Ritual Defamation Vortex

What can unite Social Justice Marxist Puritans and a Flesh Peddling Pimp and Pig? Answer, the Ritual Defamation Vortex. (This is the company Frank Schaeffer keeps.)


Have you noticed how unimaginative the Mind War's Thought Manufacturers and Mind Manipulators are? Their weapons have been so thoroughly exposed they have lost their power, like their weapon of Ritual Defamation, which has until Trump worked so very well against anyone who dared to say anything true. It was powerless against the liars, since it is the tool of THE LIAR. And in typical Marxist "opposite meaning" psyop, the worse offender was the Anti-Defamation League and sister groups, the ACLU, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, along with C.A.I.R., the N.A.A.C.P. and other lesser groups that CONSTANTLY practiced Ritual Defamation, labeling people, Racists, Islamophobic, Guilty of Hate Speech, Homophobic, Anti-Semitic, etc., etc., etc.

Consider the example of Senator Bob Menendez, on trial on felony charges for massive corruption and yet, he rests in the protective bubble of the LIAR

and he is protected in the "media" not mentioned and if mentioned, mentioned in the mildest ways. AS are the Felons, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, James Comey, Susan Rice, (the complete list would be hundreds long) immune to prosecution and immune to Ritual Defamation in the Media.

The Space Time continuum seemed to break last week when we all saw the sudden and surprising Ritual Defamation of Harvey Weinstein.  By the way, a PROPER USE of Ritual Defamation, yet such an isolated example. I was left asking, "Why NOW?"

The Cultural Marxist anti-christs, sacrificed a BELOVED WHALE, though old, dissipated and past his usefulness, to create a "Ritual Defamation Vortex" for MORE Ritual Defamations, hoping against hope that they could suck President Donald Trump into the Weinstein Vortex, sacrificing one to sink another. FAT CHANCE.

Now look at the Rabid Dog they propped up, wiped up his drool, changed his diaper, and trotted out to try the SAME ploy they did last year, this time with ten times the money. Are you beginning to understand what I mean by UNIMAGINATIVE. After all, how unimaginative has been the multi-angles of the NON-EXISTENT Russia Story? Yet every day with BORING DEMONIC stubbornness, it drones on and on and on and on. Totally UNIMAGINATIVE.

Look at the ridiculous "Trump Dossier" about as unimaginative bit of fiction writing possible. All of the coverup have been equally as unimaginative leaving one to say, "They can't really be this stupid can they?"  Yes they can, their minds are fat and lazy they have won so easily for so long, faced with real opposition they are melting.

BTW, speaking of those immune to Ritual Defamation, we have seen in the Clinton era, even so-called "feminists" rise to the defense of this flesh-peddling pimp, Larry Flint. That is about as immune as immune gets.


Larry Flynt offers $1M for scandalous video of Trump

Judy Kurtz
October 17th 2016

The audio or video recordings must be verified and show the GOP presidential nominee “engaging in illegal activity or acting in a sexually demeaning or derogatory manner,” a news release accompanying
the Monday announcement
stated. Submissions also must be handed over before Election Day.
Flynt’s announcement comes the same month The Washington Post published a 2005 recording in which Trump discusses making advances on a married woman and how he can kiss and grope women without consent because of his celebrity status.
“I have always celebrated women,” Flynt, 73, said in a statement. “Women in all shapes and sizes. To treat a woman like Mr. Trump himself has is both disappointing and unbelievable, especially coming from someone who wants to be our President.”
It’s not the first time Flynt has targeted Trump. Earlier this year, the free speech advocate said he was sending a copy of “The Donald,” a pornographic spoof of the real estate mogul, to every Republican member of Congress.
“Mr. Flynt continues to be appalled by the hypocrisy of our elected officials who dictate how the American people should live their lives behind closed doors while themselves engaging in the variety of activities they publicly condemn,” Monday’s statement from the pornography giant read. “Mr. Trump claims that ‘nobody has more respect for women than me’ despite tremendous amounts of evidence to the contrary. Mr. Flynt has made it his mission to call these hypocrites out and provide the public with as much information about their indiscretions as possible.”
Flynt made a proposal similar to the Trump tape offer in 1998 during President Bill ClintonBill ClintonAll five living former presidents to attend hurricane relief concert The Hill's 12:30 Report The Hill's 12:30 Report MORE’s impeachment trial and again in 2007, when he said he would pay a million dollars for “documented evidence of illicit sexual liaisons with a prominent member of public office.”

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The New Iran Policy vis a vis the Nuclear Deal Presented on a SEA of NeoCon LIES.



"Trump's Very Sane Iran Policy was announced within a SEA of NeoCon Lies. I'm for the policy, I HATE the lies." When I made this statement some people I thought were AWAKE asked, "What lies? I don't understand you saying this." EDUCATION TIME.

Don't get me wrong, I am FOR the change in policy, but I cannot let stand the torrent of NeoCon lies Trump uncomfortably read. He read like a Hostage or Prisoner of War, in a hostile nation. 

(1) This isn't a lie Trump has told but is the constant lie of the CIA/Globalist/Zionist Establishment for nearly fifteen years, that is that Iran is a year or two years at the most from having nuclear bomb technology and a bomb. How many years has that been a lie? Every year so far and it MAY BE even now, a lie.  Should I believe the CIA assessment? (The boy who cried wolf.)

(2) Iran is Indeed under the control of a "fanatical regime" that seized power in 1979, but it is a HALF LIE, in that Jimmy Carter's CIA CREATED the revolution and empowered that Ayatollah Khomeini, who was in exile in Paris, demanding of that the "Shah of Iran" (another puppet leader installed as head of Iran by the CIA in a coup in 1953 when they overthrew the ELECTED LEADER Mohammad Mosaddegh)   . . .  the CIA returned the Ayatollah from exile against the Shah's wishes.  The CIA/Shadow Government thought they could make of the Ayatollah and the "revolutionary guard" (they created) another set of CIA Puppets, they miscalculated. They did not understand the Islamicists Mind. The Iranian Islamists decided not to be the CIA's puppet.

(3) Iran is NOT a threat to the U.S. To claim they are is a lie. We have them surrounded with 17 major U.S. military bases. We are capable of wiping Iran off the face of the earth in a matter of hours. This is not about U.S. security, but Israeli and as important, Saudi Arabisn Security. We don't get much in our press about the natural anamosity between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but it is as real and ingrained as the anamosity toward Israel. I don't mind protecting Israel, I couldn't give a flying shite about protecting Saudi Arabia, the core of TRUE Islamic Fanaticism, but, just TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT IT.

(4) FACT - the present problem in IRAN is the result of CIA/Mossad/British Actions over the last 50 years. (We could go further back to the 19teens when the Brits lured the Persians into a country raping Oil Deal and following WWII refused to renegotiate the deal.  Instead, MI-6 and the CIA, overthrew the legally elected-democratically elected government and replace it with a puppet who would cooperate with the U.S. and BP - British Petroleum to rape his own country.)

(5) When Trump paints a picture of the Radical Regime in Iran, raiding the wealth of a great nation and civilization, we could use the exact same language of the Rape of America by the Globalists/Trotskyite (Marxists and  NeoCons) the SAME PEOPLE who are even now, trying to foment War with Iran and Russia, RAPING American Wealth to do it. Especially when he spoke of "spreading death, destruction and chaos around the world. Really his words would perfectly fit the Globalist's Rape of America and the grand march of Regime Change and Nation Building that has left failed state after failed state and GENOCIDE.

(6) There is nothing Trump can say about the suppression of Persian Culture in Iran, that is not true of the DeepState/Shadow Government's suppression of Christian Culture here in the U.S. - as was personified in the Obama Years.

(7) Lie - Agents of the Iranian Regime did not hold American hostages. The REVOLUTIONARY GUARD, created by the CIA, did. Immediately the "Mullas in Iran" challenged the power of the Revolutionary Guard, and after about eighteen months formed what could be considered a "government." During that time there really wasn't a "government of Iran" it was not yet formed.

(8) True, Hezbollah is an Iranian financed army. They took control of Christian Lebanon, fomented civil war there to do it, and it is a MAJOR foreign policy failure that the U.S. did not stop it. But we did not, Why? Because both the U.S. and Israel believed a FAILED STATE of Lebanon would be easier to "manage." BTW, the GREAT Ronald Reagan turned tail and RAN following the Hezbollah bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut. We abandoned Christian Lebanon, a shameful moment in U.S. History. That incident made the radical elements in the Islamic world believe America was a "paper tiger" and would always retreat. So far they are right, we have not confronted Radical Islam, we have only battled some ambiguous thing called "terrorism."

(9) Lie - The idea that the bombing in Saudi Arabia and Africa were Iranian caused, using Al Qaeda is laughable. Al Qaeda is a CIA/Muslim Brotherhood creation and proxy army. Iran has no control over it.

(10) Lie or just clever psyops? The idea that Iran was evil for providing safe harbor for Osama Bin Laden's son, is ludicrous when Bush protected the entire Bin Laden Clan - the ONLY air traffic in the U.S. in the five days following 911 was the U.S. Defense Establishment escorting the Saudi Royal Family and the Bin Ladens to safety in Saudi Arabia. And if memory serves one of Osama's daughters lives in New York and has for decades.

(11) Iran the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism - really have we forgotten the CIA creation and support of Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Nusra? This is a HELLISH lie and flies in the face of history. Yes, Iran has a proxy army called Hezbollah, and probably other groups it sponsors, but their sponsorship of Jihadism PALES in comparison to the SAUDI's Civilization Jihad, via the export of Wahabism, and the U.S. use of Jihadis in proxy wars all across the globe from the Philippines to Central Africa. Again, on the same subject, the Idea that Iran supports Al Qaeda and Hamas is ludicrous. These are SUNNI Jihadi groups, The Iranian are Shia. would they support them if they were serving Iranian purposes? YES.  Have we supported them when they were serving Globalist purposes? YES.

(12) The only place Iran has threatened navigation is in the Straits of Hormuz. China threatens navigation in the entire South China Sea. Iran's threat is all low tech, and have been absent since the Nuke deal.  The Sunni Pirate of Somalia has been a much greater challenge to international shipping than Iran. Again another problem the CIA created by the destruction of Somalia.

(13) "It (Iran) imprisons Americans on false charges." Fact, most of the American imprisoned by Iran have been CIA agents and operatives, just like the situation in N. Korea. By the way, have you ever read the list of Americans imprisoned by the U.S. Government or "eliminated" on false charges.  According to the NDAA, one does not have to be CHARGED in America to be eliminated, merely named an Enemy of the State, the exact power Joseph Stalin held in the Soviet Union. And it does not require even a "presidential order" the NDAA read, "or any of several high ranking Federal Officials."

(14) The cyber attacks on the U.S. via Iran, pale in comparison to the reverse. This is an on-going war for nearly 20 years. Who struck first? Is Iran the only offender? Should we attack and bomb every nation that attacks our cyber complex? Hillary Clinton thought so and wanted to use it as an excuse to bomb Russia.

(15) So the Iranian Regime shot unarmed protesters during the (COLOR REVOLUTION) green revolution, (CIA CREATED).  The U.S. shot unarmed protesters in Berkley and Kent State. Does that give another nation the right to militarily attack us?

(16) LIE - Yes, Iran has used our STUPID invasion of Iraq and the vacuum created there to further the Shia power structure there. Maybe Iran started the civil war in Yemen - though I think the Saudis did. It DID NOT start the civil war in Syria, the CIA DID and this is documented FACT.

(17) Both the U.N. and the Christians in Syria say that the "chemical attacks" blamed on Assad in Syria were the work of ISIS/CIA. Iran is an ally of the Government of Syria, just as Russia is. There is no evil in that.

(18) If the Iranian secret service had overthrown the American Government, and installed two successive Puppet Regimes, the first brutal but successful for two decades, and the second able to turn against Iran and fight back, wouldn't we be chanting "Death to Iran."

Those are the misleading statements and outright lies of the first six minutes of President Trump's speech introducing his change of policy vis a vis the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Again, I am for the policy change because I don't want to see a nuclear Iran, though I am as concerned for the present Nuclear Pakistan. We don't have to get to this sane policy through a FOG of NeoCon LIES.  TRUTH would go a long way here to served the survival of Humanity.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Propaganda Grows More FAKE NEWS and Desperate: No Wonder Trump is Talking About Taking Them Down.

Legally he could take them down as the threat to national security they are. When an entire industry is controlled by the Deep State Psyops Apparatus and LIES for a living, it is time to treat them as the threat they are.

BTW, I hate to sound like a broken record, but I told you four years ago that by 2016 they would not even be trying to cover up the fact they were lying. The difference is the whole scheme seems to be backfiring on them.  However, until they are taken down, they are not defeated. They have unlimited money behind them and they will not go away by loss of ratings.

Here is Alex Jones exposing a couple of blatant examples of just IN YOUR FACE lying psyop.  We cannot allow those in league with the LIAR to WIN!



Trump just gave U.N.E.S.C.O. a KILL SHOT.

Trump just took down a huge tool of the Globalist Shadow Government, and FURTHER weakened the Globalist Rogues in the CIA. 

SHOCKED and pleasantly so! Trump just took the U.S. out of U.N.E.S.C.O. - The U.S. State Department spokesperson said the reason was the need for UNESCO reforms and the body's anti-Israel Bias. I don't think so. After all, Israel is still a member and this is Trump surprising us and Trump knows the Malthusian/Genocidal Cultural Marxist structure and goals of UNESCO and its close ties as a TOOL of the CIA Deep State, creating hard and soft genocide around the world. 

I did an in-depth study several years ago and wrote 19 articles about it, based on a criticism of lectures by a Yale Professor who is the foremost expert on "Evolutionary Demographics" a euphemism for Globalist Population Reduction Genocide. The coordinator of this Globalist Marxist Genocidal Operation is CIA/UNESCO. AND PRAISE BE TO THE LIFE-GIVING CREATOR GOD, America because of Donald Trump just stopped supporting it. 

Spin in your graves, Julian and Aldous Huxley, Allen and John Foster Dulles, John and David Rockefeller! May your victims torment you. 

UNESCO has been the conduit financing the majority of the 1.6 BILLION Abortions worldwide, (just since 1990) completely running the African Operation, with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and even subsidized the One Child Policy in China; UNESCO owns and operates most of the abortion operations in India. AND WE JUST KICKED IT TO THE CURB!

The Marxist media will spin this that Trump is so racist that he is intentionally "creating" genocide. That's the inside-outside game. 

Anti-Trump Psyop, Russia and Weinstein


Do not let it escape your notice that the left outed Harvey Weinstein in the week of the anniversary of the Billy Bush tape where Trump talked about women being so enamored with famous men that a famous man could just, "grab their pussies." This is called, "Never let a crisis go to waste." They constantly mention Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Trump as sexual predators, when the comparison of the particular behavior is ridiculous, but since they could not make the sexual predator lie stick last year, this is a second bite at the apple.



With all the yearlong psyop against Trump about so-called "Russian Influence" in the election, have you ever wondered why they have never mentioned this man (a close friend of Vladimir Putin) and his op-ed and interviews? The simple answer is HE WAS TELLING YOU THE TRUTH, a truth of which they do not want you reminded.

What was that TRUTH?

Here is the short version:

"If they vote for Hillary it's war. It will be a short movie. There will be Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere," said Vladimir Zhirinovsky, an ultra-nationalist ally of Putin known for his fiery rhetoric. http://reut.rs/2dMyJlv


I do not think this fellow is exaggerating. These Globalist Psychopaths, whose puppet Hillary Clinton is, fully intend to create nuclear conflagration between the U.S. and Russia - why not? what could be better for these Luciferians than to get two Christian populations to slaughter one another. It has been Satan's motus operandi since the Protestant Revolution.

Here is the Full version:

Putin ally tells Americans: vote Trump or face nuclear war

Andrew Osborn7 Min Read

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Americans should vote for Donald Trump as president next month or risk being dragged into a nuclear war, according to a Russian ultra-nationalist ally of President Vladimir Putin who likes to compare himself to the U.S. Republican candidate.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a flamboyant veteran lawmaker known for his fiery rhetoric, told Reuters in an interview that Trump was the only person able to de-escalate dangerous tensions between Moscow and Washington.
By contrast, Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton could spark World War Three, said Zhirinovsky, who received a top state award from Putin after his pro-Kremlin Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) came third in Russia’s parliamentary election last month.
Many Russians regard Zhirinovsky as a clownish figure who makes outspoken statements to grab attention but he is also widely viewed as a faithful servant of Kremlin policy, sometimes used to float radical opinions to test public reaction.
“Relations between Russia and the United States can’t get any worse. The only way they can get worse is if a war starts,” said Zhirinovsky, speaking in his huge office on the 10th floor of Russia’s State Duma, or lower house of parliament.
"Americans voting for a president on Nov. 8 must realize that they are voting for peace on Planet Earth if they vote for Trump. But if they vote for Hillary it's war. It will be a short movie. There will be Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere."
Zhirinovsky’s comments coincide with deep disagreements between Washington and Moscow over Syria and Ukraine and after the White House last week accused Russia of a campaign of cyber attacks against Democratic Party organizations.
Even as WikiLeaks released another trove of internal documents from Clinton’s campaign on Wednesday, Putin insisted his country was not involved in an effort to influence the U.S. presidential election.


Zhirinovsky likes to shock liberal public opinion and he has frequently heaped scorn on the West, which he and other Russian nationalists regard as decadent, hypocritical and corrupted by political correctness.
His combative style, reminiscent of Trump‘s, ensures him plenty of television air time and millions of votes in Russian elections, often from the kind of blue-collar workers who are the bedrock of the U.S. Republican candidate’s support.
Zhirinovsky once proposed blocking off mostly Muslim southern Russia with a barbed wire fence, echoing Trump’s call for a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, speaks during an interview with Reuters in Moscow, Russia, October 11, 2016. Picture taken October 11, 2016. REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev
Zhirinovsky, who said he met Trump in New York in 2002, revels in his similarities with the American businessman - they are the same age, favor coarse, sometimes misogynistic language and boast about putting their own country first. Zhirinovsky has even said he wants a DNA test to see if he is related to Trump.
But unlike Trump, a billionaire real estate developer who casts himself as the anti-establishment candidate in the U.S. presidential race with no past political experience, Zhirinovsky is a consummate political insider who has sat in the Duma for more than two decades.
Putin has also praised Trump as “very talented”, while the Republican candidate has said the Kremlin boss is a better leader than U.S. President Barack Obama. Clinton has accused Trump of being too cozy with Putin and questioned his business interests in Russia.
In other comments that have delighted Moscow, Trump has questioned the value of NATO for Washington, has spoken ambiguously about Russia’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea and suggested that the United States under his leadership would adopt a more isolationist foreign policy.
"He (Trump) won't care about Syria, Libya and Iraq and why an earth should America interfere in these countries? And Ukraine. Who needs Ukraine?," said Zhirinovsky, who once counted himself a friend of Iraq's Saddam Hussein and Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and whose deaths he still laments.
“Trump will have a brilliant chance to make relations more peaceful ... He’s the only one who can do this,” he said, adding that Trump could even win a Nobel peace prize.
In contrast, Zhirinovsky described Clinton as “an evil mother-in law” and said her record as secretary of state under Obama in 2009-2013 showed she was unfit to lead her country.
“She craves power. Her view is that Hillary is the most important person on the planet, that America is an exceptional country, as Barack Obama said,” said Zhirinovsky. “That’s dangerous. She could start a nuclear war.”
In typically chauvinistic remarks, Zhirinovsky said Clinton’s gender should also bar her from the presidency.
“Most Americans should choose Trump because men have been leading for millions of year. You can’t take the risk of having one of the richest, most powerful countries led by a woman president,” he said.
Asked about lewd comments Trump made about women in 2005 that have harmed his campaign, Zhirinovsky defended the Republican: “Men all round the world sometimes say such things that are just for their comrades. We must only consider his business (and political) qualities.”
Though Putin and Trump have never met, Zhirinovsky said he believed they could establish a close working relationship, adding: “Victory for Trump would be a gift to humanity. But if Hillary Clinton wins it will be the last U.S. president ever.”
Editing by Christian Lowe and Gareth Jones

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Harvey Weinstein and FACEBOOK Censorship

Facebook removed WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME the audio tape of Harvey Weinstein molesting a young actress. SHAME ON FACE BOOK. If it was TRUMP they would be promoting it. This isn't about decency, this is about political censorship!

Remember Harvey Weinstein is the molester Barrack Obama knowingly sent his girl to work for, which tells you everything you need to know about this Luciferian Class of people.

Here's to you SUCKERBURG!



TRUMP'S Travel Ban VICTORY: Not Reported By FAKE NEWS

October 10th 2017: The Supreme Court Unanimously Upheld President Trump's Seven Country Travel Ban, positively affirming Presidential Powers over "UNDESIRABLE ALIENS" as the law clearly states. What this does is make his NEW Ban unassailable via the legal system.

It is a BIG TRUMP WIN, of course the FAKE NEWS is Silent.