Monday, June 26, 2017

SCOTUS RASH WEEK: Cultural Marxists on Parade

Welcome to SCOTUS RASH WEEK. This is the traditional week where I get a RASH awaiting a RASH of inane SCOTUS rulings that are always announced with tersely worded statements and conclusions by the CIA/Deep State Press which usually distort the actual rulings out of all recognition.

For instance WaPo headline, "US Supreme Court sides with religious institutions in a major church-state decision." Nothing could be further from the truth. The SCOTUS decision was so narrowly defined, concerning equipment for a playground as to be nearly meaningless. And just to punctuate the point The Traitor to the Constitution John Roberts wrote in a footnote to the decision, "This case involves express discrimination based on religious identity with respect to playground resurfacing. We DO NO address religious uses of funding or other forms of discrimination." This footnote NULLIFIES even Rober's own words in the decision HE wrote, where he said, "The express discrimination against religious exercise here is not the denial of a grant, but rather the refusal to allow the church - solely because it is a church - to compete with secular organizations for a grant." Wow, that sounds like maybe the many, many church-sponsored charity organizations are about to regain the federal support Obama denied them in his first term. But as the footnote pointed out, NOT SO.

In Obama's first term Christian hospitals, adoption agencies, orphanages, pre-school programs, etc, were denied funds; the Church transferred ownership of many hospitals to "secular" private organizations (for profit and non-profit) just to keep them from folding having been denied Federal funds available to the Secularists. The most successful drug treatments facilities in the U.S., all "faith based" were either closed or greatly reduced because they were denied the Federal funds the secular programs with horrible result records would continue to get. What has been the result? An exponential increase in drug addiction, an exponential increase in drug overdose cases and deaths, making drug overdose the single largest killer of people under 50. This SCOTUS decision does NOTHING to address this.

Is the PARTIAL upholding of Trump's Travel Ban significant? Not really as the conditions placed upon the order render it mostly non-effective. It does have some symbolic political effect (perceptual effect) but in fact, erodes longs standing Law granting to the President control over passports for security reasons.

By refusing to hear the case on the San Diego's concealed carry law, they gave a major blow to the Natural Right of Self-Defence, and this was a 7 to 9 decision. THINK! The Justices making that ruling were in a majority appointed by supposed GOP Conservative Presidents. They in effect, have given to states, cities, and counties the power to ban legal concealed carry except for categories of people those governments choose. This precedent is a HUGE blow to 2nd Amendment rights.

How much more damage will these Supreme Court Cultural Marxist/Globalists do in this RASH WEEK? God only knows.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saint Nicholas and Protestant-Illuminati Press

Associated Press: - MOSCOW - Over a million people have visited relics of Saint Nicholas, standing in a line sometimes a few miles long extending from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, since May 23rd, 2017.

The huge turnout underlines the importance of Orthodox Christianity and the defining role it plays for the Russian people a quarter-century after the collapse of the Godless-Soviet Communist Government.

What are all these modern people in Moscow standing in line to see? A tiny fragment of the Saint's bone, on loan from Italy.

You do realize they are not standing in line to see a fragment of bone, but to touch their own deep Christian heritage, to bond with the Spirit of Christ, that is bonded with the Spirit of Saint Nicholas. The Russians hold the reality of "Ole Saint Nick" who in the West has been reduced to the image of a "tippler" who invades houses via chimneys, even making a cartoon out of the fact that "Ole Saint Nick - Santa Claus" only wants to share what he has, and never wants anything for himself.

The miracles attributed to the LIVING Saint Nicholas over the centuries, number, in the tens of thousands. These are actual events, interventions, in the lives of real people. The Protestant Reformation, in a psychological operation of magnificent proportions, took this REALITY and turned it into a FANTASY, a Fairy Tale, over which a parent is always conflicted as to WHEN in a child's development "reality" must be faced and the Fairy Tale rejected. This Protestant Fairy Tale-subversion of the LIVING Saint Nicholas is SATANIC, as so much of the so-called Enlightenment is.

Why would the lying Northern European Protestant Psyops Press* attack this particular saint? After all the hallmark of Protestantism is the rejection of the LIVING presence of the Church's Saints. In Protestantism, they are never mentioned except academically quoting sometimes what they have written. It is why for Protestants the most voluminous "writers" of known the best, Blessed Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.  There is nothing extant or even mentioned in Church history about anything written by Saint Nicholas, his "fame" rests on something else, that being the living witness of miraculous interventions in the lives of millions of people. 

So why would the Protestant-Illuminati Press attack Saint Nicholas so that rather than just rejecting his Living Reality, as they did all the other saints, they made a sophisticated cartoon of him?  The answer is so very simple but out of the reach of most Protestants.  Some Protestants are Arian heretics, most Protestants and Evangelicals are at least semi-Arian heretics.  And Saint Nicholas was the fellow who punched the heretic Arias in the face at the First Council of Nicea, knocking him out cold.  Saint Nicholas was stripped of his rank as Bishop, in front of the Emperor and hundreds of Bishops of the Church.  Hard to imagine a more ignoble ending to a beautiful career.  He was publicly anathematized, stripped of his vestments, and put in a cell, guarded by the Roman soldiers of Emperor Constantine. His future looked bleak, after all, Constantine was there and had witnessed his good friend Arias assaulted.

During the night Christ Himself appeared in Saint Nicholas' cell carrying new vestments and dressed him again as a Bishop of HIS Holy (non-Arian) Church. The Protestant Reformers were no fools, most were highly educated, except for Luther, they knew full-well what an affront Saint Nicholas was to their chosen heresy, semi-Arianism.  Satan knew that it wasn't enough to reject Nicholas, but that some apparatus must be invented to BLIND people to him. After all, they could not have Protestant laymen becoming curious about the Bishop that was so outlandish that he cold-cocked a fellow named Arias at the First Council of Nicea (the first Ecumenical Council of the Church) in front of the Emperor of the Roman Empire and three hundred plus other Bishops of the Church.  Surely they would ask, "Who was Arias and why did Saint Nicholas hit him?" Then in the process of discovering the answer, they would discover that their Protestant/Evangelical Christianity really wasn't the Ancient Christianity of the Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and the Early Church Fathers. So was invented the shiny-red object of Santa Claus.

From Smithstonian Magazine:

The remains of the Greek bishop, who lived in the third and fourth centuries, are housed in Bari, Italy. When the crypt at the Basilica San Nicola was repaired in the 1950s, the saint's skull and bones were documented with x-ray photos and thousands of detailed measurements.
Caroline Wilkinson, a facial anthropologist at the University of Manchester (England), used these data and modern software simulations to create a modern reconstruction of the long-dead man. Wilkinson put a human face on Santa's original namesake—one with a badly broken nose, possibly suffered during the persecution of Christians under the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The New Media Psyop: They are trying to re-legitimize themselves.

Saturday evening June 17, 2017 I noted on my Facebook page that something strange had occurred that day. None of the CIA/Deep State American Media ran a Trump Hit Piece, except CNN. Tuesday the 20th I wrote the article LINKED HERE, noting that it had been four days since any of the major FAKE NEWS outlet (except CNN) had published a Trump Hit Piece.

I opined that this appeared to be a tactical move, one that they should have taken when Trump was Elected, instead of the suicide mission upon which they embarked, first trying to subvert the Electorial College to rob Trump of the Office of President, second to smear him with the charge of treason through "Russian Collusion."  They made a tactical error believing that their psyop apparatus still retained enough power to take Trump down. 

They continued with one version or another of this Russian psyop all the way up to Comey and then Sessions' Senate hearing sworn testimony.  They were stuck on go, and like a huge ship at sea, it took them many days to truly make a turn.  We saw even last Sunday the FAKE NEWS shows echoing one another talking about "Trump being under investigation."  Oddly, even though FOX vigorously pushed this FAKE meme, the "newspapers of record" i.e., CIA outlets did not follow suit.

Since that time several other real indications have appeared signaling that the hysterical and FAKE frontal assault on Trump is over. (Maybe-maybe not, I'm guessing, but I don't think my gut is wrong.) 

It seems that the Deep State realized for the first time that their methods had thoroughly failed, as demonstrated in Trump's approval rating rising above 50%, his all-time high, according to Rasmussen following two years of hysterical efforts to take him down. Trump's Iowa Rally last evening proved that his popularity is not diminished one iota, as he packed out the venue to capacity. One Deep State columnist acknowledged that that crowd coupled with the five special election wins, four this week, prove that Trump prospects for 2020 are better than they were on Election Day 2016. 

More evidence of the Dialectical Shift I have been reporting, which happened early morning Saturday the 17th, 2017.

(1) Bloomberg says America should "get behind" Trump: "The public has spoken—whether you like the results or not"

(2) Trump's operatives this week, moved fully to the Offensive, following Tuesday's election results.

(3) Voices in Europe dropped their hysterical anti-Tump memes and began to try to make a rational argument for "The Liberal World Order" i.e., Globalism.  This is the first week that they have tried that; until now they have been screaming like enraged parents at their "nationalist children" who have been misbehaving.

(4) Sean Spicer's press briefing on the 20th proved that my observation on a sudden turn in strategy by the Deep State Psyops Media was now pretty apparent. It was the first "on camera" press briefing in 8 days; it was thirty-two minutes long; there was no shouting, no hysteria, and only one lame question giving false facts about "Russian Hacking" and one question about Trump's Tapes. No real gotcha questions, most questions were reasonable and substantive. TOTALLY different atmosphere from ANY previous press briefing. I don't think I'm exaggerating in saying that the Deep State psyops has taken a new turn.

(5) Look at this "Tweet" from CNN's Jake Tapper, as FAKE news as FAKE can get. Yet this Tweet is a capitulation to reality, a move away from the hysteria of the last two years.

7h7 hours ago
Jake Tapper Retweeted Donald J. Trump

Some of you are going to dislike hearing this but the DNC's inadequate response to FBI/DHS on 🇷🇺 hack is a legit question

(6) Yet more evidence arrived in the mail, an article from the veterian journalist, Michael Goodwin, published by "Imprimis" a monthly publication with nearly four million readers. He stated, "I've been a journalist for a long time. Long enough to know that it wasn't always like this. There was a time not so long ago when journalists were trusted and admired.  We were generally seen as trying to report the news in a fair and straight-forward manner.  Today, all that has changed."

The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards [LINK]

I would interpret that as people have awakened to the long-standing psychological operation the American "press/media" has engaged. Yet there is an element of truth in what he is saying. The leftist "spin" on the news, which he readily admits existed, was replaced with psyops that grew hysterical the moment that Donald Trump announced that he was running for President and ever more lying and hysterical the more it looked like his taking office was possible, and even a new level of lying hysteria following the election coupled with active encouragement of Leftist VIOLENCE immediately following his inauguration.

Goodwin goes on to say, "For that, we can blame the 2016 election or, more accurately how some news organizations chose to cover it. Among the many firsts, last year's election gave us the gobsmacking revelation that most of the mainstream media puts both thumbs on the scale - that most of what you read, watch, and listen to is distorted by intentional bias and hostility."  Yes, the media rhetoric was hostile and violent, producing hostility and violence in the street, up to and including many beatings of Trump supporters and the attempted assassination of the Majority Whip, Steve Scalese, plus the wounding of his bodyguards.

Goodwin describes the insanity of the media in terms of the stages of grief. "In the beginning, Donald Trump's candidacy was treated as an outlandish publicity stunt, as though he wasn't a serious candidate and should be treated as a circus act."  Then he builds an argument that Trump's candidacy itself was the driver of the hysteria since T.V. executives realized that Trump was ratings and the more Trump was presented in the Media the higher their ratings.  And like all lying psyops, Goodwin's argument fails on FACTS, since all the "Legacy Media" has taken a ratings-beating in the last two years, with all the legacy newspapers and magazines at an all time low circulation, dying so quickly that their new "on-line" subscription services, which are growing cannot replace the lost revenue.

Goodwin's article states, "One study estimated that Trump received so much free airtime that if he had had to buy it, the price would have been $2 billion." 

Interesting statistic, but what is the elephant in the room that Goodwin conveniently ignores?

Harvard Study Proves my claim in the paragraph below.

Answer: The fact that 90 percent of the media coverage was not just negative, much of it was scurrilous, ugly, hate-filled, violent, totally false, petty, stupid, and aimed at one thing, that being Destroying Trump and blunting the Truth and Liberty, America First, Nationalist, anti-Globalist Movement that adopted him.  

If you want a hint of the reality of my last statement I invite you to observe just a small but truly representative record of the last two years of the massive psyops against Trump. 

FAKE NEWS' Constant Message: Trump Is Finished! [LINK]

I have given Michael Goodwin's article short shrift since it is written inside a False Consciousness as if "Journalism" in the U.S. was real until recently. It is "Operation Mockingbird" and not journalism and hasn't been journalism for at least 50 years. However, I encourage you to click the link and read the article for yourself, since it is rather long, detailed and he makes several interesting points if taken in the real context.

My point is, this deep analysis for the "Demise of Journalistic Standards" was merely the exposure of the Reality of the CIA/Deep State Psyops Beast, and his efforts at "analysis" are rather the foundational movements of the psychological operation to re-legitimize the beast.  Yes, we have taken a dialectical turn the goal of which is to soothe as many people as possible back to sleep, willing to once again take the Mainstream Media SOMA.  I wrote this paragraph years ago: 

"Duh! I know it is painful to actually think since you can tune into the SOMA Networks and download an opinion, which you may hold and cherish without actually going through the painful process of THINKING. Thinking is painful! I know it is. The oblivion of SOMA is so much easier, and everyone else is taking it!  But IF you have retained or regained the ability to think, decipher this equation for me, and give me the logical result." 

Here is the equation to decipher concerning the "rehabilitation" of the "legacy media."  Having seen clearly, maybe for the first time, the depth of the capacity for sophisticated coordinated lying psyops flowing from the "Legacy Media" "The Ole Gray-Lady Press" "The 24/7 Cable FAKE News outlets" what reason could there ever be to UNLEARN that knowledge? 

I invite you to watch this video of a tiny portion of CNN and MSNBC's psyop pressing the idea of Trump/Russian Collusion. And remember that CNN and MSNBC run the FAKE Narrative, then FOX, News MAX, and a host of other supposedly "friendly" Right-Side media, repeats it and amplifies it.  That is their job, they are FAKE opposition. The story was FAKE, they knew it was FAKE, they invented it, hoping to take down a President upon a MYTH. And, let us be clear, had the American People accepted the story as legitimate, facts be damned, they would have destroyed Trump with it.

First, let Mika Brezensky remind you what the Psyops Media's Job is.





FAKE NEWS' Constant Message: Trump Is Finished!



September 2015 - What was the media telling you to think?

To Wit:
Here is a summary of the CIA Media's assault on Donald Trump over the last 100 days. If you have watched the saga of this MASSIVE CIA Psychological Operation you will recognize most, if not all of these bullet points. Each one of these are attempted "meme generators."

*He won’t run

*He’s not serious

*He has funny hair, we hate funny hair

*Bankruptcy!!! OH NOES! (pretend it’s not legal, mmmkay?)

*He won’t file his candidacy papers

*He’s never held public office. He can’t win.

*He won’t connect with the voters

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Univision

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Nascar

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Macy’s

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to ESPN

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to McCain

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize on demand, period.

*He’ll never poll well. He’s finished.

*He’ll never lead in the polls. He’s finished.

*He’ll never file his financials. He’s finished.

*He’s offended all veterans. He’s finished.

*He thinks raping his wife is dandy. He’s finished.

*Some contrived, bizzaro crap about breastfeeding. WTF?

*He’s against Amnesty. He’s finished.

*He’s for Amnesty. He’s finished.

*Just scream Amnesty…it’ll dazzle everybody

*He doesn’t really want to be President. He’s finished.

*He said stuff about blood! OMG OMG! He’s finished!

*He’ll be exposed in the debates and fail miserably. He’s finished.

*Frank Luntz said Trump has collapsed. He’s finished.

*Redstate claims he won’t make it to Iowa. He’s finished.

*George Will says Trump can’t sit down to tea & talk to voters. Finished!

*He’s offended all women. He’s finished.

*He’s just a carnival barker. He’s finished.

*He won’t last,he’s done after tomorrow… week…err…next month

*He can’t defeat Bush, He’s finished.

*He can’t beat Hillary, it’s already been decided, Trump is Finished!

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Megyn Kelly

*He falsely claimed he’s Batman. He’s Finished.

*He insulted Mexicans again by beating up poor Jorge Ramos

*He’s not a REAL conservative (in Spanish!), He’s finished.

*He won’t sign the Pledge. He’s a jerk. He’s finished.

*He DID sign the Pledge. He’s a jerk.. He’s finished.

*He thinks Candidates should speak English! OH THE HORROR! Finished.

*He failed the Hugh Hewitt Trivia Quiz of Crap

*Foreign policy is much more important than immigration. Trump is finished.

*His 5 second comment re: Syrian Refugees = Detailed Amnesty Policy!

*He joked about Carly’s face! OMG OMG OMG. He’s finished!

*He won’t apologize to Carly. He’s Finished.

*He won’t apologize to Carson. He’s Finished.

*He can’t win without the Evangelicals. He’s Finished.

*Bobby Jindal called him names. He’s Finished.

*Ben Carson questions Trump’s faith. OMG! He’s finished.

*The country wants a Minister not a CEO. He’s Finished!

*Scott Walker drops out. This is bad for Trump. He’s finished!,

*Greg Gutfelt thinks Trump is a clown. He’s Finished!

*His poll numbers are down. He’s still in the lead. He’s Finished!

*Trump won’t give us details. He’s finished!

*Trump releases 2nd Amend policy details. Ignore it! He’s finished!

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to all Muslims.

*Carly won the debate. His poll numbers are down. He’s finished!

*Trump fatigue is upon the electorate. He’s Finished!

*Some random dude said “Obama is a Muslim”. It’s Trump’s fault. He’s finished.

*Trump MUST apologize for random “Obama is a Muslim” dude

*He’s finished if he won’t apologize to Jeb!s wife
Courtesy Sundance @ ConservativeTreeHouse dot com. 


Days 100 Plus:

*He hasn't put his Tax Plan to paper. He's a jerk. He's Finished

*He put his Tax Plan to paper. He's a jerk He's Finished.

*Most economist really love his Tax Plan. He's Finished.

*His Tax Plan gambles on creating a vibrant economy, He's Finished!

*Marco Rubio has found his Death Star weakness, Trump's vanity and personal insecurity. He's Finished!

*Trump says, "Let Russia battle ISIS, why do we have to do everything?" He's Finished!

*If someone beats up an illegal alien, He's Finished!

*If someone attacks a Mosque in America, He's Finished!

*Rubio won't participate in Trump's "freak show," He's Finished!

*Rand Paul calls Trump "a clown," He's Finished!

*Jeb Bush tells Trump he "needs to put on his big boy pants," He's Finished!

*The Loser, Mitt Romney says, "Trump will not be the nominee," He's Finished!

* "Donald Trump Cancels Q&A, So says Hispanic Chamber of Commerce," He's Finished.

* "Hillary Clinton Mocks Trump on Saturday Night Live," He's Finished.

* "Contractors who contracted with Trump on his many hundreds of business projects employed illegal immigrants," He's Finished.

* 10.5.15 - Some Pollster said that "Trump's popularity has peeked," He's Finished.

* "Trump University, Donald Trump's Real Estate School, shut down following the Economic and Real Estate Crash of 2008," He's Finished!

* 10/7/2015, Donald Trump leading EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, by very LARGE MARGINS. Joe Scarborough says, "With these numbers at this date, if it were anyone but Trump, the media and the party would be saying, 'Game Over.'" BUT, It is obvious that Donald Trump is FINISHED!

*AS of 10/7/2015, Donald Trump leads in ALL THE POLLS in EVERY STATE and has spent much less money than all the other "top" candidates. It is grossly OBVIOUS that Donald Trump is FINISHED! The question now is how does he gracefully bow out of the game?

* Donald Trump and "Imminent Domain" . . . now this is his REAL Achilles Heel. He's Finished!

* Megyn Kelly appears on the Charlie Rose show, sounding "tail-tucked" and says she "really does not want to feud with Donald Trump, that it hurts her, hurts Fox News, and hurts Donald Trump," the latter is true of course, you can see how Donald is suffering. Obviously, He is Finished!

*Way back in the Dark Ages, Donald Trump did an Interview for Playboy Magazine. He's Finished!

* Trump at the top of all polls and New York Times says that "Donald Trump is looking for exist strategy." He's Finished!

* Lauren Batchelder, Jeb Bush plant asks snarky questions and acts snarky at Jon Huntsman's fake group called "No Labels" (the real label is Mormon Republican Establishment Group.) Donald Trump is Finished.

* Obama says Trump will not win the nomination. Trump is Finished!

* Donald Trump received nearly 4 million dollars in UNSOLICITED contributions in the 3rd quarter, when he was SUPPOSED to be self-funding. He's FINISHED.

* Donald Trump forces CNBC to change their format and keep the debate length to 2 hours instead of 3 hours. That's it - Trump is FINISHED!

* Trump mentions that 9/11 happened on President Bush's watch. How dare he! He is Finished!

* Secretary of State John (the perjurer) Kerry said that Donald Trump is not qualified to be President because he does not believe in Global Warming. That's it! Trump is finished!

*It was revealed that Donald Trump voted against this guy (George W. Bush). Like I said, Donald Trump has always been an America FIRST nationalist, and has never knowingly voted for a New World Order Psychopath - Of course this means that Trump is Finished.

* 10/21/2015 - It's official, Trump is way ahead in the polls for 100 days running, and ahead in EVERY state and national poll by a LOT! More than ever, it is obvious that he is FINISHED!

* Carl Icahn launches super PAC to support Donald Trump, with $150 million, biggest one-time injection, ever! Now Trump is certainly Finished!

* Icahn says super Pac is not to support Trump but to educate people about Corporate Inversion! Trump is finished.

*Two very thin (suspect) polls in Iowa say that Trump is trailing Ben Carson. This has to be it. This time for sure. He's Finished!

* 10/26/2015 Jeb Bush says that he has "lots of cool things to do . . . if you want Trump, well, Vote for him!" Oh my God, Trump is really finished now.

* 10/28/2015 Trump wins the CNBC Debate according to all the large post debate polls. RT America describes the debate as, "Trump’s last stand?" Oh no! Trump is Finished!

* 11/4/2015 All the media is constantly calling Ben Carson the "Front Runner" and claiming that "Trump is Trailing Carson" - NOW, he is REALLY Finished.
But . . . .

*Trump makes SNL promo where he calls Ben Carson, "A total loser." Trump is Finished!

*Trump appears on Saturday Night Live, and was funny. Trump is Finished!

*Trump drew twice the audience as Hillary on SNL, a four year record audience. Trump is Finished!

*Ban Carson caught in plagiarizing scandal. Opps, never mind. Carson just did not understand the concept of plagiarism. Trump is Finished!

*Ben Carson caught lying about his association with Mannatech. Trump is Finished!

*Ben Carson caught sensationalizing his biography. Trump is Finished!

*Ben Carson tried to hit his mother with a hammer. Trump is Finished!

*Ben Carson tried to stab a friend and they made a movie about it. Trump is Finished!

*Ben Carson chased people with bricks and baseball bats. Trump is Finished!

*At the debate, Ted Cruz can't name the Departments of Government he plans to close, just like Rick Perry in 2012. Trump is finished!

* Carly Fiorina said she met Putin in a Greenroom. Trump is Finished!

* Carly Fiorina said she did NOT meet Putin in a Greenroom. Trump is Finished!

*Trump complains about Carly Fiorina constantly interrupting others during the debate. Trump is a son-of-a-bitch, He is Finished!

*Trump was polite and differential at the debate. Trump is a son-of-a-bitch, He is Finished!

* NOVEMBER 11TH, 2015 2:14
NY Times Delivers Slobbering Wet Kiss to Trump on Debate Day - Trump is Finished!


* Some reporter claims that Donald Trump called for a data base to track Muslims in the U.S. Trump is Finished!

* Some Black Lives matter provocateur got roughed up at a Trump Rally for acting like an ass. That's it, Trump is Finished!

* Liz Mair, the former online communications director of the Republican National Committee has started a Pac, so that the RNC could secretly try to sink Trump. He is FINISHED!

* Trump says Black Lives matter guy was acting nasty and deserved to be roughed up. Damn, Way to Go Don . . . . I mean . . eh . . .er . .Trump is Finished!

* Trump said that Muslims in New Jersey Cheered the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11. I saw the same raw footage he did that day. They DID cheer and celebrate. But still it has to mean that Trump is FINISHED!

* A black homosexual commentator for the Washington Post says that Donald Trump is destroying America and that people who support him are DEVIANTS! - That's it Trump is Finished!

* Virginia historians say that Trump has mislabeled part of one of his golf courses on the Potomac river as a historic battle ground. How could such a thing happen. Mr Trump have you no conscience? Have you no decency? Trump is FINISHED!

* The Boston Globe says that the GOP establishment is frightened that Donald Trump will tarnish their image. (after falling in the floor with laughter I have to say) Obviously this is it. Now, Trump is Finished!

* Donald Trump mocks a lying spastic ex-New York Times reporter, who retracted his own 14 year old story about Muslims in New Jersey celebrating on 9/11, because the story proved Trump RIGHT! Oh my God! A Spastic Reporter! Trump is FINISHED!

* Donald Trump didn't mock this lying Washington Post/New York Times reporter, Serge F. Kovaleski, because he is a spastic. He mocked him because he is a LYING spastic. This LYING spastic, claims that he does not remember writing the story about witnessing the Muslim's celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11. You don't forget such a thing, you JUST DON'T.

* Sarasota Florida, Trump had to give two speeches today. The venue was for 5000 people and 12 to 15 THOUSAND people showed. So Trump gave two speeches. Obviously this is just another symptom of Trump's failing campaign. He's FINISHED.

* Nicolle Wallace Accuses Trump Supporters of 'Sinister Sentiments' - Oh! My! God! Surely he is finished now!

*Following Jihadi attack in San Bernardino killing 14 and wounding many more. Obama said, "Surrender your arms so I can protect you." Trump said, "Arm yourselves, take responsibility for your own safety, you are the first line of defense against these Jihadis." It is clear that Trump is Insane. He's Finished.

* December 2, 2015 Trump still dominating all the polls. Sure sign that he has plateaued, this happens mere day before an implosion, when Trump will be finished.

December 7th, 2015.
* OH MY GOD! Can't he just SHUT UP!
Donald Trump says that since we are facing an Islamic Jihadi Insurgency, as evidenced by the events of San Bernardino, we need to halt Muslim Immigration until we understand what we are dealing with. This is IT, Trump is FINISHED!

* Attorney General Loretta Lynch, cautions that she will pursue prosecution of people who tell the truth about Jihadis. - Trump is FINISHED and may be prosecuted.December 8th, 2015

* Chris Christie says that Donald Trump's statement about halting Muslim Immigration "demonstrates what you get when you are dealing with someone without governing experience." Trump is Finished!

* Obama and other Globalist Puppets scream that Donald Trump is un-qualified to be president! Trump is Finished !

*Petition to ban Trump from UK passes 300K, could be debated in Parliament. For SURE Trump is finished now!

* All Republican candidates scream that Trump's Immigration ban is un-constitutional. All legal experts prove them wrong. Trump is OVER, TOAST.* Rand Paul back-peddles and says that Trump is right on Jihadi Immigration - Now Trump is REALLY finished!

* Ted Cruz back-peddles and offer legislation in the Senate very similar to Trump's proposal - A Sure Sign Trump is FINISHED!

* Just like I state in July of 2015, that the last resort to stump Trump would be to try to brand him as a new Hitler and his supporters as 21st Century Brown Shirts, Nazis and Fascists. - Surely Trump is Finished now?*The Fact that Tump is drawing crowds in the thousands and tens of thousand, is the most obvious sign that he is FINISHED! It is just a matter of time.

*Thousands and Tens of Thousand turning out for Donald Trump Rallies. The other candidates are drawing crowds in the Tens of Ones. A Sure sign that Trump is Finished.

*Besides, Jeb Bush assured us that Trump would be sinking before the NEXT Debate in mid-December! He'll be finished or at least on his way out by then.
Oh God no! I can't Be! December 10th 2015 Trump is polling at 42%, next closet candidate 16%.

* Oh but we have five days to turn this thing around, so that Jeb Bush doesn't look like a total buffoon! - of course Trump is finished! These polls and huge crowds, that is just smoke and mirrors, all in your mind. Go Back to sleep! Trump is Finished, Trump is Finished, Trump is Finished!

* Jeb Bush says that we must temporarily halt Muslim Immigration - Trump is Finished.

*Friday evening 12/11/2015 the Climate Change Politburo signed the CC agreement. Obama gave a two minute speech carried only on cable (cabal)news and not reported in the News Media since, straddling the American People with another 100 Billion Dollars a year in debt. This of course means Trump is FINISHED!

* Sunday 12.13.2015 the news coverage turns grim. Have you noticed that suddenly the media has moved to GRIM mode. Facial Expressions and sighs and pained looks usually saved for the "War Mode" the media uses just before the bombs start falling. The hysterical anger and vulgar bashing of Trump has turned into grim fear mongering. So now it is Donald the Dangerous, Trump the potential Tyrant. - Surely, people will come to sanity and Dump Trump!

* Two suspect polls, just before the debate, say that Ted Cruz surged 21 point in a week in Iowa. This is it, Trump is Finished!

* Wait aren't these the same polls that showed Ben Carson was surging in Iowa, just before the last debate? Either way Trump is Finished!

* Ted Cruz, was exposed lying like a dog, caught on tape saying one thing in private to his billionaire bosses and lying about it, denying it on national T.V. Let us not kid ourselves, Ted Cruz being a hypocrite means Trump is Finished!

* It was discovered that Marco Rubio's close relative is a drug smuggler. Trump is Finished.* Chuck Todd (CNN-CIA)says that he was raised in the same area as Marco Rubio and everyone's best friend or family member was a drug smuggler. (I shit you not, Chuck Todd actually said it 6.39 eastern standard time 12/14/15 CNN)"if you grew up in Miami you have a friend, you have a relative caught up in it" i.e. drug smuggling - and of course he means, Trump is FINISHED!

*The national polls show that Donald Trump will

easily beat Hillary Clinton. But that will all change after the debate. Trump is Finished!*Slugs turn up some not so flattering pictures of our First Lady . . . errrr - I mean, the wife of the loser Donald Trump. He is finished now! Just wait till the evangelicals see this!

*Trump leading in all the polls with Evangelicals, except the two fake ones in Iowa! He is Finished!

* People are coming to realize that the election is not between the left vs the right, Republican vs Democrat, but between all the Puppets of the Globalists, vs an America FIRST Nationalist, Donald J. Trump, who is FINISHED!

*Donald Trump is Mounting a COUNTER-REVOLUTION!  - He's is FINISHED!

*Donald Trump is running against the Globalist Elite that own the Republican and Democrat Parties, 
and own the Media, 
that own all the Spin Doctors. 
He is running against the establishment that controls the six corporations that own the T.V. and Radio Media, all of he major news papers and most of the small so-called independent newspapers, and 99 percent of the publishing houses; The Elite that Own and Control the Federal Reserve, and all the Western Central Banks that have held our economy hostage to their New World Order Agenda, that have literally plunged our nation into generational debt to finance their WORLD CONQUEST AGENDA, while robbing us of Constitutional Governance, and relegated our children and Grand Children to debt slavery in a quasi-Marxist Poverty State.  - TRUMP IS FINISHED!

*This ELECTION is between Donald Trump and the Globalist Criminals that control every aspect of our Government, every NGO that is pushing a Globalist agenda, from the Rockefeller Foundation, and the likes of George Soros, UNESCO to USAID. TRUMP IS FINISHED!

* 12/14/2015 Two large national poll show Trump in a field of 15 vote splitters, busting the 40% ceiling with his closest "also ran" 27 points behind. The pundits keep talking about Trump having level out, having reached his ceiling, at this rate he will have leveled out about 55% by the time for the first primary  - Of course this just makes it DOUBLY obvious to all but the dullards among us that Trump is FINISHED!

* Vladimir Putin says that Donald J Trump "is a very colourful and talented man, no doubt about that . . . He is the absolute leader of the presidential race, as we see it today. He says that he wants to move to another level of relations, to a deeper level of relations with Russia. How can we not welcome that? Of course we welcome it.”  This of course means Donald Trump is Finished!

* Trump says he appreciates Putin's kinds words, and that he has always said that he thought he could get along with him and work with him "to solve a lot of problems, a lot of problem."

* Joe Scarborough said, "But Putin has invaded a lot of countries and kills journalists that disagree with him."  Trump is Finished.

*Trump tells Joe, "We've killed a lot of people also, Joe, a lot of unnecessary killing." O My God, No he didn't!  Trump is Finished!

"We kill people too . . a lot of stupid things going on in the world, a lot of stupid killing"  - Donald J. Trump.

Joe is a NeoCon, in support of PNAC and has been itching for war with Russia for decades. Were the FSB to foment a coup in Ottawa, and install a puppet government like the CIA did in Kiev, what would be our reaction? My God we have 1400 military bases around the world and covert operations in almost every country on earth and RUSSIA is the aggressor? Give me a break!

*Trump refuses to be rude by rejecting Putin's kinds words. Trump is FINISHED!

* CNN Claims that Trump and Putin have a 'bromance." Trump is FINISHED!


* Meanwhile Jeb Bush threatens Donald Trump's Life at the 12.15.15. CNN debate. "You will NEVER be President of United States." Trump is REALLY FINISHED now.

Jeb Bush's Terroristic Threat [LINK]

*CNN edits out Jeb Bush's Threat, when they replay the debate on 12.18 and 12.19. - coverup - that means Trump is Finished!

*After Jeb drops out, Pappa GHW Bush, returns to the debate to threaten Trump in person.

In that single gesture George H W Bush proved he was, is, and has always been a Globalist THUG. All that sophisticated politeness was an ACT. This hate-filled monster, threatening death to Donald Trump is the reality of the man. Why does he hate Trump so? Because Trump is an existential threat to his life's work, his sick utopian ambitions and the end of the Bush Dynasty.

* How can it be? Trump won all the post debate polls saying that he won the debate, ALL of them, and most in the 50 to 70 percent range out of a field of 13. Wow!  I mean . . Trump is Finished.

*Trump continues to rise in the post Putin, post Debate Polls. Something's not right here, because Trump is Finished.

* Trump has only spent 217 Thousand dollars on advertising his campaign.  Trump is not a Serious Candidate, he is FINISHED!

*Jeb Bush is a serious candidate and will probably be the GOP nominee, because he has spent almost FORTY MILLION DOLLARS in advertising. Jeb will bury Trump with cash - Trump is FINISHED!

*Latest National Poll, Trump 42 percent, Jeb 3 percent. It is becoming more obvious every day that Trump is Finished!

*Lindsey Graham drops out of the race. Other candidates are feverishly seeking his endorsement - NOT, but Trump is Finished!

* Trump chides Hillary Clinton for not having the strength and stamina to be president. Which was highlighted when she was absent for part of the CNN Democrat Debate, taking a potty break. - Trump is Finished!

Boston Globe convoluted explanation why Clinton was absent.

*CNN and other announce more fake polls, the week of Christmas. Trump is Finished!

* Experts are saying it is most likely a two man race, Trump vs Ted Cruz.  BUT Trump is beating Cruz, out of a pact of 14, better than two to one. Trump is finished!

* Oh no he didn't!

Trump Doubles Down On ‘Schlong,’ Veteran Journalists Back Him Up
Read more:

ALL THIS LYING PSYOPS WAS FROM June 15th till Christmas of 2015. (videos excepted.)

All through 2016, post election in the "transition period" and post inauguration the media has had only two messages they have been hammering into your head, "Trump is Finished or soon will be." They have kept you in an emotional state filled with anxiety awaiting the final shoe to drop.

It is NOT dropping.






President Donald Trump has a wonderful, beautiful and GREAT Vision for America and that vision is within our reach.  I DARE you to tell me what is wrong with it.  Yet, the Deep State/Globalist/Cultural Marxist power structure has for two years tried to destory him.  WHY? 

Remember in this struggle, it is not the GOP vs the Democrats.  It is The American People WITH Donald Trump vs the Globalist Establishment that OWNS the Democrats and most of the Republicans.  We are NOT winning, we have only begun the counter-revolution. Those claiming victory are fools. Certainly we have made some huge strides forward, like withdrawing from the TPP and the Paris Climate Marxist Control Apparatuses. The enemy is within the gates and destroying the foundations of our society even as we battle to save our Nation as a Nation. What kind of nation it will be, only God knows.



Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Georgia's 6th District Victory Defined: What does it really mean?

Wasn't last night's victory in the 6th district wonderful? Do you understand really, what it means? Even CNN said that it will strengthen "The Trump Agenda" but I can tell you by not much.

What it avoided was a direct assault by the Marxists, on Trump and months and months of hearing from the FAKE Media how the country was rejecting "Trumpism" - they squandered 50 million dollars for this psyops goal alone.

What did we really WIN by handing the seat to the former Secretary of State who has functioned as controlled opposition in Georgia? Not one move for LIBERTY happened in the years she has been in government, not one defeat of the Cultural Marxists agenda, not one real challenge to it.

If we are to "win" anything in this battle we have to realize that GOP victories are hollow and empty, confusing and deceiving. Why? Because the GOP is just the right wing of the SINGLE Cultural Marxist Agenda Party. They gave us Gay marriage and Trans-Genders in the Elementary School Class Rooms brainwashing our children. THEY are willing to create WWIII with Russia because the Russians dared to pass a law making propagandizing the gay agenda to minor a felony. Russia's is a CHRISTIAN Stand. The GOP's stand is CULTURAL MARXIST, Anti-Christian, Anti-protection of the innocent.

Let Froggy Trog put it into context for you.



Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Deep State Anti-Trump Psyops War Takes a Turn.

On the 16th, I posted the above picture on Twitter in response to ever lying Anti-Trump hit piece by the Fake Stream media, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, WaPo, Huff-Po, etc, attached to many, many ridiculous psyops articles. Is it a coincidence that the level of anti-Trump attack psyops reduced by 95% in the same rags, on the 18th, 19th and even today on the 20th. In all their top stories, not one Russian Hacking, Trump/Russian Collusion, or Obstruction of Justice article. T.V. Sunday shows were still at it but were left with the silly meme that Trump is under investigation because the CIA Rag Washington Post claimed it and Trump Tweeted a response. Temporary Respite or Paradigm Shift? OF Course, it is a temporary respite, but they have discovered that their "implausible" memes FAILED. FACT they cannot find a place to sink a hook in Trump.

Remember Trump's three hours of positive coverage following his Joint Session of Congress Speech? Remember Van Jones gushing, "Tonight Trump became President of all the people." By morning they were all claiming that Jared, Trump's son-in-law was some sort of Russian Agent.

These three days do not represent any "positive coverage" for Trump, but three days absent serious attacks, the FIRST such three-day period since Election Night, November 8th, 2016. This is significant because their "fictional memes" have FAILED.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Alex Jones/Megyn Kelly Kerfuffle: It is not what you think!

It is not what Jones says it is. It is not what Kelly says it is. YOU are being played.
Please understand that none of these Alt-Media people, Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Milo, George Webb et al., are to be trusted any more than the Truly FAKE STREAM Media. 

I just watched Alex Jones' One Hour-Thirty Minute pre-game show, before the Megyn Kelly hatchet job, leaving me with the clear perception that this is ALL contrived, Jones and Kelly are BOTH acting; this has all the reality of WWF Westling. This is just a new level of psyops folks, more sophisticated but none-the-less FAKE.

I said last week that part of "this psyop is to rehabilitate the Sandyhook False Flag, that was pure theater. They are trying to make you think it was REAL" and on cue, both Jones and Cernovich assured the audience that Sandyhook was REAL. 

Steve Pieczenik began to recite the facts making the case that a "real" massacre happening at Sandyhook was impossible, stating the public record evidence, and Jones cut him off and Cernovich said, "See, even though we may disagree about Sandyhook we can still talk about it." Yeah, right.

The False Flag Theatre of Sandyhook is a BIG liability to the Deep State EVER regaining control of the Dialectic. It was so poorly performed that even dullards "get it" and the part of the Deep State that some are calling "the good part" knows they are too clearly exposed. 

This whole kerfuffle, the dust-up between Jones and Kelly is the psyops vehicle they, THE DEEP STATE, is using on YOU, to make you think Sandyhook was REAL. If Jones and Cernovich can pull off this psyop, that is, convince the Jones audience to believe this fairytale, then the CIA/Deep STATE will have made a huge step towards regaining control of the dialectic, and gain mental control over their harshest critics. The fact is that if they can make Jones' audience believe this LIE against FACTS, they can make them believe ANYTHING.

Jones is blustering, now, on what is probably 100+ Youtube uploads that he is destroying Megyn Kelly and NBC, and that that was the purpose of his agreeing to do the interview.  That is a battle ALREADY WON. This videotape produced last year exposes the fact the Megyn Kelly is a dog-faced liar and practices "selective editing" to produce LIES.  She did it on Fox, she does it on NBC, what is NEW?

Nothing is new, except Cernovich and Jones actively running a psyop to make you think Sandyhook was REAL, and in this psyop, with the FAKE Parents on NBC, it is obvious that Kelly, Cernovich, and Jones are WORKING TOGETHER.   "Look at this FAKE NEWS Kerfuffle, pay no attention to the fact we are rehabilitating the Sandyhook charade." 

THINK: When Trump said, "Their media resources are virtually unlimited" speaking of the Deep State, do you think that was hyperbole? Do you think those unlimited resources are incapable of using an Alt-Right platform?

Rex Christi recently stated correctly about Fox and the Murdock boys, heirs to Ruppert Murdock's media empire, "Do you really think that they are going to back off because of poor ratings?" Jones is also claiming that he is destroying the Washington Post - which is a 100% CIA operation. Do you think their black-ops propaganda budget is strained? Really? Do you?  "The media is a tool for them, they will waste tens of billions keeping that tool in place," Rex continued.

Man wouldn't it be simple if we could say, "Just tune in Alex Jones and you will know what is really happening." Wouldn't it?  It would require NO RATIONAL THINKING.  The laziness of this idea reminds me of a statement I made several years ago about those people who are "programmed" by the media:

"Duh! I know it is painful to actually think since you can tune into the SOMA Networks (in this instance we have to include Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones) and download an opinion, which you may hold and cherish without actually going through the painful process of THINKING. Thinking is painful! I know it is. The oblivion of SOMA is so much easier, and everyone else is taking it!
But IF you have retained or regained the ability to think, decipher this equation for me, and give me the logical result."

Here is the equation you have to solve about Sandyhook/Newtown; the FBI Standard Crime Statistics, the record upon which Federal Crime Fighting grants and subsidies are based, for cities and states, reports that NO homicides occurred in Sandyhook/Newtown, the year of the Sandyhook Theater Production.

How fake is fake news? [LINK] Would they fake the murder of a Muslim in North Caroline for psyops reasons, to gaslight the public that has enough sense to be concerned about ISLAM? Yes, they would and they did.


Mirror video of the pertinent part in case Jones ever deletes the original.